Oil Spill Response

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Letter to Obama

Attention: President Obama and his team

Reality check: America is broke financially (with a DIRECT effect on the global economy), industry and real estate is in shambles, silicon valley is almost dead and terrorism, and swine flu scare takes the rest of whatever peace of mind is left in an American’s life. And this is the beginning of the real downturn, crime, civil war and depression.

O Captain my Captain!

Now I am not even an American, so why on earth am I bothered? Because I LOVE President Obama and believe myself to be an AMERICAN AT HEART-I share the SAME values of freedom and liberty that symbolises America for more than four centuries.

I think President Obama is a FANTASTIC leader, his approach is principled, his style focused but the problems he faces are beyond any mortal’s grasp. And America’s problem have a direct effect on the global economy. So, consider me a “Patriotic American” for the purpose of this blog post, I can help President Obama specifically on these problem areas: I am blunt and straight, score no marks for diplomacy but 10/10 for honesty and solutions… see all my works in the form of different presentations


Terrorism, Afghanistan and Iraq and soon Iran & Pakistan

  • My site Happy World contains and my initiatives on solving the root cause of this mess besides am a member of Tony Blair Faith Foundation and hoping to get an opportunity to work with him to influence things on a larger scale
  • I am a Muslim who respects all religions (read about my group One World-One Religion promoting religious tolerance on Facebook) and am from a deeply religious family that has a LOT of education on Islam and Science (my own knowledge is a speck in comparison), I KNOW through the Quran that ALL Jihadi propaganda by Al Qaeda, Taleban and Hizbollah, Hamas is PLAIN BULLSHIT—its their imagination and misinterpretation of verses—unfortunately they are in majority and have deep roots
  • The way to “fight” them is NOT to fight them, but to win their minds with the REAL message of Islam (or any religion or useful doctrine for that matter) of peace, who does that? Can you IMAGINE ANY “ISLAMIC” COUNTRY doing that? I mean “ANY” with the vision or ability to even THINK in that direction, not at all, YOU (AMERICA) have to do it, that’s where lies long term salvation
  • My initiative Learn2Earn is also another PRACTICAL example of how POOR young kids in less developed countries can be taken away from “Terrorism School” by a grass root level initiative that will ALSO weed out poverty, go ahead read it and ask WHY are the IMF’s and World Bank’s sleeping over it?

US Industry

  • Industry lacks strategy and plans, checkout CRSCube for solutions on consulting and S2A on training
  • Time and again I have presented ideas and plans to the Big 4 automakers, NO ONE listened—I can share them with President Obama, my idea is to MERGE them with UNIQUE products for UNIQUE markets and create the 80s/90s style unique shaped cars as their symbol for “class” which has NO equivalent in the world today (I drive a 94 Cadillac in Dubai and love every second of the ride)
  • Unionization has to be STOPPED or CONTROLLED, if American labor has an “edge” over Chinese labor, American  and global manufacturers will KEEP ON going to China! Its’ not about human rights, it’s the REVERSE exploitation of strategy by unions that has led to the American industry’s demise

Swine Flu and Health scares

  • AMERICA is ignoring its own home grown HERO, your medical Einstein is STRUGGLING to survive in California, he has answers to ALL problems medical science has excuses and expensive, long term “maintenance drugs” for, cancer, diabetes, swine flu, you name it, SUPPORT him, HE WILL BRING AMERICA OUT OF THE RECESSION WITH INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND MAKE AMERICANS HEALTHIER IN THE PROCESS—see Dr Robert Young

Technology/Silicon Valley

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Together we can make the impossible, possible.

Welcome to an UPcession!

Hello there, I’m glad to see you here! You have made the RIGHT choice in today’s gloomier than real environment of the “recession” – you have chosen happines over sadness, courage over fear, hope over despair. And you will see in here that your choice is 100% correct.

We are not supermen or superwomen, but we are “superthinkers” – we do believe that problems have existed in this world ever since it was born, our world though, is a much smaller part of this big wide world, sometimes the problems drastically affecting this planet are made to look small in proportion to our lives (like global warming) and sometimes problems that affect a few sectors like the so-called “recession” (affecting primarily real estate, finance and allied industries) is made to bear its ugly face on our happy today.

So what shall we do, succumb to the media portrayal based on their priorities? Or choose our own “happier” and more “successful” priorities that revolve around OUR lives, for we live and die in our circumstances, often having no link at all with whatever goes on for same fancy real estate developer or a mammoth bank… and even if we did, humans make mistakes and sooner or later find ways to correct them too! This alone has made us outlast the dinasours among other species on this planet, and believe you me, the recession is a small fry compared to what humanity has faced so far 🙂

So my message to you is: ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES, fight the recession with an UPcession, which is creative problem solving and great ideas as the US President Barack Obama tells Washington, and to me, the whole world.